Put Corporate Wellbeing on the Agenda

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Let’s talk corporate wellbeing today…

Did you know that according to the latest Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Labour Force Survey (LFS), 15.4 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18?

That’s a pretty scary thought, right?

The effects of stress can be far reaching. Aside from the usual stress responses we get in the body when we are suffering from stressful situations, prolonged periods of stress can have devastating effects upon our bodies and minds, and on how we perceive our self-worth.

Physiologically, I see many clients who are suffering from incredibly painful necks and shoulders because they are scrunching their bodies up. Stress makes us raise our shoulders and hunch, probably because we want to try and make ourselves as small and as unnoticeable as possible!

So how can we help staff feel better physically, mentally and emotionally at work?

Integrating wellbeing practices such as meditation and yoga into your daily life is a great place to start. These are both ancient practices that teach us to breathe better, move with mindfulness, and clear our minds. If you haven’t tried either before, get yourself along to a class where you can learn the basics.

Adopting a self-care routine is also very important. This could be putting time aside to read a book, have a bubble bath, or treat yourself to regular massages. Massages are particularly useful if you have the ‘scrunchy’ neck and shoulders we talked about earlier!

If you or someone you know is responsible for your company’s HR, get them to give us a call to see how we can help implement staff wellbeing practices int your workplace.

Put your staff’s wellbeing on the company agenda by introducing a Body Equilibrium wellbeing package into your workplace today!