I am a Senior Consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic…and I absolutely love the journey I am on working with these divine blue bottles.

Organic skincare is a passion of mine – I’m exceedingly mindful that our skin is our biggest organ so what we put on it is absorbed into our bodies. So much of the skincare and toiletries out there contain ingredients that quite frankly, I wouldn’t want anywhere near myself skin or that of my family. It was this that lead me to Neal’s Yard, a British company that is passionate about orahnics, sustainability and the environment. Within the first week, I had clients asking if they could purchase directly through me as I could offer them a level of advice and sampling that they could not get in a shop. I even had two of my NYRO team members sign up to become consultants with me in that first week…wow! we really do love these blue bottles.

If you’d like to purchase any Neal’s Yard products, I hold a stock at my clinic space (please do also feel free to ask for samples when you come in for your appointment), or you can order directly HERE.

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Why join as a Neal’s Yard Independent Consultant?

My reason why was because I wanted the best organic skincare for myself, my family and my clients. You may want the same; you may have other reasons too, such as finding a business you can run alongside your current work or family commitments. They are a lovely company to work with; I never feel pressured, just completely supported by a fab team. There are regular team meetings, online support, Facebook groups, even conferences you can attend.

My team is growing in numbers and I love working with individuals to help them integrate Neal’s Yard into their current business or to start as a new venture. If you think you’d like to join my team, you can do so HERE. If you want to have a chat about how NYRO could work for you, pop me over a message on info@bodyeq.co.uk