Do you find a natural approach to wellness appealing? Want a natural way to support yours and your family’s health? Ready to switch out toxic cleaning products in your home?

I guess I ticked all those boxes when I first discovered doTERRA 3.5 years ago. I’d been running my therapy business for a few years by this point and had recently qualified in aromatherapy. I knew the benefits of using essential oils for massage or aromatically, but doTERRA introduced me to making the oils an integral part of my own wellness. Since then, I have used oils on a daily basis and now as a wife and mummy, I use these divine gifts of Mother Nature to help support the wellness of my whole family.

I love how using essential oils has empowered me to take my health and wellbeing into my own hands. I have the diffuser going every day at home or at work, choosing specific oils and blends to help support my physical health and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Those of you who know me well, will know that I carry an increasingly full bag of oils around with me in my handbag and I can often be heard saying, ‘oh, there’s an oil for that’, when someone tells me about a specific ailment or goal of theirs.

I use the oils in my wellbeing work, whether it’s a Reiki session or during a restorative yoga class, and for me the spiritual benefits of the oils has been immense. I often feel like we are rediscovering knowledge that was innate to our ancestors, and my journey often does feel like coming home to this wisdom.

If you want start using doTERRA essential oils, there are a number of ways. You can purchase them at retail price – a good option if you just want one oil (but who can stop at just one?!), you can sign up for a wholesale account and save 25%, or you can opt to become a Wellness Advocate and share these divine oils with others. To have a chat with me about which of these options would be best for you, pop me over a message on or have a look at my online shop HERE.