Therapists hands doing reiki therapy on girl. One hand on head and one hand on back.

If you’ve never tried Reiki before, it is a truly amazing form of energy healing. You lie fully clothed on my heated couch, covered with a fluffy blanket – it sounds great already doesn’t it?

I then then scans over the physical body, looking for hot/cold spots. This scanning is conducted above the body and I will very rarely touch the client. I then place my hands on your shoulders in order to connect with your energy, and also upon the soles of your feet in order to ground you. If there are any areas of the body that require physical contact , i.e. clearing blockagesi n the throat chakra,  I will ascertain that this is ok with you first – don’t forget, you’re underneath a blanket for the whole treatment.

Healing sessions usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. There will have been a detailed consultation with you before any treatment takes place, where you can detail any health issues etc. Generally, I advise that you consider a course of treatments over a few weeks although on occasion, these may be on consecutive days. Often people will come for a Reiki session once a week or once a month for an energy top up – even if the original illness is no longer present. Reiki is not just for people feeling under the weather, it is a great way to top up your energy and keep your chakras whizzing round correctly!

I’ll also include essential oil wok (I love the oils!), crystals and sound work if I feel it will help with the Reiki session. I listen to what my guides and yours are telling me during treatments and because of this, every session is different.

I’m a Usui Tibetan & Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher.

Reiki Courses


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Reiki 1 is the first step in your Reiki training journey. You will receive attunements that enable you to start channeling healing reiki energy for yourself and others in a non-professional capacity.

This training is suitable for complete beginners or those who wish to refresh their reiki training from the past.

The course consists of:
What is reiki?
The history of reiki and Mikao Usui
Reiki principles
Reiki 1 attunements
Hand positions to treat yourself and other people
Practical experience
The chakra system
21 day cleansing process
Ongoing email support from your course tutor
Certificate of attendance and attunement

You will have the option to attend reiki share sessions (at a small additional cost per session).

Course Dates & Times:

The complete cost of the training is £100. A non-refundable deposit of £15 is due on booking and can be paid online. The remainder of the course cost is due two weeks before the course dates, and can be paid via bank transfer – details on booking.

Course Materials:
You will be provided with handouts during the course. Please bring a notebook and pen to make notes as this is an experiential course.

You will also need to purchase a copy of ‘Reiki for Life’ by Penelope Quest. This can be sourced from Amazon here.

Course Tutor:

Robina started her reiki training journey in 2005 and became a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher in 2012. Robina holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), as well as being a fully qualified sports massage therapist and yoga teacher.

Reiki attunements can be a very profound experience.
Therefore, as a responsible Master Teacher I cannot attune:
  • anyone suffering from severe depression or other psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia
  • people with very high blood pressure, epilepsy, or those fitted with pacemakers
  • pregnant women
If you have a medical condition and are not sure if reiki attunements will be appropriate please speak to your medical practitioner in the first instance for their permission.