Crystals for Beginners

I love using crystals - both as part of my holistic therapy work and at home.

I'm often asked by people which crystals they should get when starting their own crystal collection. In my experience, crystals are a very personal journey but there are a few that in my opinion should grace every collection. Just a word of warning...starting a crystal collection is highly addictive and you'll soon find yourself seeking out new ones!

Here's 5 crystals that I would suggest as a great starting point for your collection.

  1. Clear quartz: you can pick these up really cheap if you choose the tumblestones but you can also go for wands, towers, crystal balls etc. It is clear in colour (as the name suggests) but you may find some examples with flecks of colour or even smaller versions of crystal structures within. It is a beautiful crystal to own and work with and is known as a 'master healer' as it can amplify thoughts, feelings, energies and the effects of other crystals. It's a good one to help aid concentration and it can help neutralise electromagnetic energy, so a great one to have on your computer desk when working or studying.
  2. Rose quartz: this can also be purchased readily and cheaply in a variety of different forms. It is pink in colour and is associated with the heart chakra. It is a stone that encourages us to love unconditionally and to find the beauty on everything around us. It is the perfect stone to carry around with you on a daily basis as its gentle energies will remind you to find joy in the everyday.
  3. Red jasper: this is my favourite crystal and my go-to for most things. It is a weighty crystal and orangey-red in colour. It is the perfect crystal to help ground you and bring balance to the root chakra. If you have been feeling uneasy and worried during recent events, red jasper could be just the stone you need to work with. It can also boost your creativity so a good one to use when working on any projects or schoolwork.
  4. Amethyst: a favourite for many people, especially those who love anything purple! A really soothing crystal for mind, body and spirit. It is a stone closely associated with spirituality and meditation and makes excellent jewellery for those who enjoy working with these energies. You can cleanse and recharge other crystals by placing them on an amethyst bed.
  5. Citrine: another form of quartz, which is yellow in colour. It is the stone of success, wealth and prosperity. I keep a tumblestone of citrine in my wallet to encourage more wealth and abundance to flow to me. It also represents the abundance of ideas and creativity so a great stone to work with if you are starting on a new business venture or idea.

Sourcing your crytals

It is always best to buy crystals in person as it gives you opportunity to pick them up and hold them and to see if they resonate with you. However, the current climate may make that difficult so purchasing online is another option. Most crystal shops will have an online store and for larger pieces, will have photographs of each individual item. Spend time studying these photos and seeing if the crystal 'speaks' to you - in other words, do you feel like it is calling out to you/are you attracted to it/can you visualise it in your home? Crystals vary vastly in prices and in form and size, so there will be something to suit every budget and space.