Cleansing Crystals

You will probably know that it’s important to cleanse your crystals before and after you use them but you may not know why or how.

We cleanse crystals primarily because we we want to clear them of any energies that may have become attached to them as they have been used or stored. Whenever you purchase new crystals, it is a good idea to give them a good cleanse and time to rest before you start using them. If they have been bought in a shop imagine how many people have picked them up, held them, and imprinted their energies on them before they find their way to you. I’m not saying that people have necessarily imprinted anything nasty on them but when we use crystals for energy or healing work, the last thing we want or need is the energies of others affecting that work.

Cleansing the crystals is also a good way of letting them know that they are about to start working with you and allows you to begin forming a bond with them.

There are a number of different ways you can cleanse your crystals and you can even try a variety of the different methods to see what suits you and your crystals best. The only word of warning is that some crystals should not be exposed to water (a list of those that should avoid water can be found in this article).

  • Water: the simplest method is run your crystal under the tap. This allows for both a literal and spiritual style of cleansing. The crystal can then be gently dried on a soft cloth or piece of kitchen towel. You could also choose to cleanse your crystal in spring water, bottled water, rainwater you have collected or even water with a spiritual significance like that from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury.
  • Moonlight: put your crystals on the window sill during a full moon or if you have a safe place to leave them, put them outside all night.
  • Smudging: burn sage or incense around your crystals to cleanse them. Just be careful not to leave anything that is burning unattended!
  • Reiki: if you have done your Reiki 1 or above, you can channel Reiki energy into your crystals to cleanse them. Alternatively, you can always ask someone else who is Reiki trained to cleanse them for you. They can also channel certain intentions into the crystals i.e. the intention for the crystal to help you sleep, stay calm etc.
  • Sound: use a Tibetan singing bowl, tingsha bells, chanting or even ring a bell around your crystals. The vibrations of the sound will encompass the crystal and cleanse it.
  • Amethyst bed: place your crystals on top of an amethyst bed. Amethyst has the ability to cleanse other crystals.

In the next crystal blog, we will look at how to programme and connecting with your crystals.