What happens during a Reiki session?

The client lies fully clothed on a couch and is usually covered with a blanket. The therapist then scans over the body of the client, feeling for hot/cold spots. This scanning is conducted above the body and the healer will very rarely touch the client. The healer will place their hands on the client’s shoulders in order to connect with their energy and they will most likely also place their hands upon the soles of the client’s feet in order to ground the client. If the healer detects areas of the body that require physical contact they will do so, but will have ascertained that this is ok with the client first – don’t forget, the client is underneath a blanket.

Healing sessions usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. There will have been a detailed consultation with the client before any treatment takes place, where the client can detail any health issues etc. Generally, the healer will advise that the client receives a course of treatments over a few weeks although on occasion, these may be on consecutive days. Often clients will come for a Reiki session once a week or once a month for an energy top up – even if the original illness is no longer present. Reiki is not just for people feeling under the weather, it is a great way to top up your energy and keep your chakras whizzing round correctly!

Clients have spoken about seeing beautiful colours, smelling perfume, meditating or even falling asleep during Reiki. Sometimes, clients have a deep emotional response to Reiki and it can cause them to feel a bit teary or light-headed afterwards. There is nothing scary or wrong about this, it is just the body’s way of adjusting to the pure source energy flowing through it. It is always advisable to drink glass of water after every treatment and many therapists (myself included) also recommend eating something to ground yourself afterwards…happily, one of the best things for this is a square of chocolate.