It’s so good to be back!

Can’t wait to see you all!

Isn’t it fab news that non-essential retail and personal care can now reopen? I am most looking forward to getting my roots done, my bushy eyebrows sorted…oh and getting a massage. Yes, you heard me, a massage therapist needing a massage! Well, massage is an integral part of my fitness and wellness regime. Alongside a regular yoga practice, massage helps me maintain my flexibility, muscle health and perhaps most importantly, helps me destress and relax.

I get asked a lot about what makes sport massage different to other kinds of massage, such as deep tissue massage. My answer is always based on how I do things, and that is to say that every sports massage is tailored to YOU and YOUR NEEDS. This is why I get you to fill in a detailed history before you attend the appointment; I then add to this after discussing certain bits and bobs with you. The treatments I offer as part of a sports massage range from traditional hands-on massage to percussion massage using the Flow Pro massage gun. My practice extends to some less well-known methods, like myofascial cupping, hot stones, kinesiology taping and passive stretching. You may even find me using aromatherapy during your appointment if I think it will help!

I’ve been asked in the past why bother with so many different modalities? I thought about it for a while, and this is what I came up with… I approach the body holistically so it makes sense to address any issues holistically. Everybody and every body is different so it makes sense that any form of therapy is tailored to that body’s needs. I’m constantly expanding my knowledge to give you the best experience and the best of my expertise.

I have, occasionally, been asked: why do I charge so much?

It’s an important question but I don’t think I do charge that much. Yes, it’s a little bit more than some of my competitors but alongside what I’ve mentioned, I’m a qualified personal trainer, yoga teacher, and corrective exercise specialist, and I charge for my TIME not treatment. You will get all this experience and expertise to suit your body’s needs. It’s all encompassing. Oh and don’t forget, your appointment is situated in a peaceful town-centre clinic, within a gorgeous listed building.

I got my eyebrows done recently, it cost me £20; my partner spent £38 on hair and a beard trim – what did this amount to? Looking good for a couple of weeks. What’s the cost of getting that back pain that’s been bothering you for months looked at? Or addressing your posture to help the future you? Or chatting to someone to help you manage that ankle you sprained whilst attempting DIY? Food for thought.