Five ways to relax

Finding space to relax in our busy lives never feels particularly easy.  Here’s 5 simple ways you can add a little bit more ‘chill time’ into your day…

  1. Meditate.  You don’t have to attend a meditation class (although they are a great way to learn and meet like-minded people), you can instead download apps onto your phone, listen to YouTube or even buy a guided meditation CD.
  2. Move. Yes you read that right!  One of my favourite ways to relax and chill out is to actually get moving.  I see running as an active form of meditation and love getting out of the house into nature, allowing the focus on physical movement to help deal with any mental or emotion stresses or anxieties.
  3. Yoga.  Another form of ‘active chill’, yoga asanas (movements) are performed with mindfulness and class finish with a lovely savasana (relaxation) session, where you get to lie on the floor and feel your whole mind and body relax.  You could try Restorative Yoga, which is designed to help you rest, relax and recharge.
  4. Laugh.  Watch a TV show that makes you laugh, hang out with people who make you happy.  Do something every day that brings a great big cheesy smile onto your face.  Think of all those happy endorphins you release when you laugh.
  5. Pamper yourself.  Get your nails done, get a massage, change your hair.  If you’re always running round after other people, it’s lovely to spend some time letting someone else make you feel a million dollars for a change!