Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

sports massage DaventryWhat is it?

Patello-femoral pain syndrome is also known as anterior knee pain, patella misalignment and chondromalacia patellae.  The posterior surface of the patella is slightly pointed and this part runs through the concave surface of the femur in the femoral groove.  If the patella is pulled out of place, this pointed edge drags against the sides of the femoral groove and can cause damage to the patella and pain.

Pain is felt in the front of the knee or underneath the patella (kneecap).

How does it happen?

The patella is kept in position by the surrounding muscles and fascia.  If the muscles or fascia in these areas become too tight, the patella is pulled out of place.  The muscles on the lateral side of the thigh (outside edge) have a tendency to exert a stronger pull and, if the inner quad muscle (vastus medialis) is comparatively weak, it cannot counteract the lateral pull.  Different factors can contribute to this muscular imbalance, including tightness in the ITB or in the bicep femoris (hamstring), or excessive over pronation of the foot when running.

Can sports massage help?

Yes.  Sports massage can help address any muscular imbalances in the quad, hamstring and ITB areas.  Get in touch today to book your consultation and appointment.

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