Isn’t sports massage just for athletes? No, it isn’t…

Since qualifying as a sports massage therapist, people regularly ask me questions about massage, rehabilitation and general aspects of health and fitness.  So with this in mind, I though I’d put together a series of posts covering some commonly asked questions.

Understandably, people often have pre-conceived ideas about sports massage and to be fair, the name itself doesn’t really help!  No, it isn’t just for elite athletes and sporty types.  In fact, I would argue its something that every single one of us can benefit from…

Massage has a number of benefits for the body and mind.  If we put aside the numerous physical benefits, investing an hour on yourself can do wonders for your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Sports massage essentially is no different to any other kind of massage in terms of the above benefits.  However, the main difference – even to a generic deep tissue massage – is that a sports massage includes a detailed consultation at the beginning where your posture, range of motion and details of any injuries are discussed and assessed.  This means that a sports massage is specifically tailored to you and your needs.

Instead of delivering the same massage every time, a sports massage therapist makes sure that the massage you get fits with what your body needs.  Yes, at times this might mean some specialised treatments such as trigger pointing, whilst at other times it could entail a more gentle massage to aid with lymphatic draining or relieve overworked muscles.  You’ll also be given detailed aftercare advice that could include a range of stretches.

So, if I pose the original question, “isn’t sports massage just for athletes?”, hopefully you can see that the answer is a resounding no!

We all have aches and pains and even if we sit at a desk all day, we are engaged in repetitive movements and postures.  The vast majority of clients I see have issues with either their upper or lower back (or both!), and for many this is a direct result of spending their days sat, either at a desk or driving.  Think about how many hours you spend like this…not to mention the way we strain to look at smart phone screens.  How often do you consciously adjust your posture?  Think about your leisure activities…do you hit the gym hard to counteract a day sitting?  All of these things can have an adverse affect on your posture over time, which can then lead to postural dysfunction and maybe even injuries.

Ultimately, a sports massage is an investment in your overall health and wellbeing.

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