We offer a range of relaxing holistic therapies designed to help you find peace and tranquility amidst the noise of day to day life.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a gentle treatment, comprising of a range of different light to medium massage strokes and techniques. It is very relaxing and you may even find yourself dozing off during a treatment. The massage is performed with a blended base oil and essential oil so you benefit not only from the massage itself but also the aromatherapy from the oils.

Amongst its many health and wellbeing benefits, Indian head massage can:

  • aid mental clarity
  • boost energy levels
  • detoxify the body
  • help prevent headaches and migraines
  • improve the quality and health of the hair
  • relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Prices: Indian head massage treatments last 30 minutes and cost £28.  If you would like to add a more extensive back and arm massage to this, treatments can be extended to an hour and cost £48.


    Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that can help alleviate:




    It can help to reduce the pressures of emotional and physical strain and can help your body achieve a state of equilibrium.

    It can also help you to:

    👣clear your mind

    👣release emotions

    👣release stagnant energy

    Single appointments £45 for 75 mins. Courses of treatments are recommended, prices available upon request.

    Holistic Facials

    A truly divine treatment that will benefit your skin and calm the mind. Holistic facials include:

  • double cleanse
  • tone
  • exfoliation
  • blissful facial massage
  • face mask
  • relaxing arm/hand massage
  • moisturise
  • Using scrumptious products containing essential oils, this treatment will help melt away any tension in the shoulders, neck, face, arms and hands.

    Treatments last for 1 hour and and £40.

    WonderLift Facial

    A natural facelift which incorporates complementary techniques from Acupressure and Facial Reflexology, including Japanese Facial Massage, Indian Face Massage.

    It can help with the following:

  • improve lymphatic drainage
  • tone and tighten muscles
  • stimulate blood flow
  • improve skin suppleness
  • relieves tension headaches, eye strain, insomnia
  • remove dead skin cells
  • The treatment also includes double cleanse, tone, moisturise. A standard face mask option is also available for an additional £3, or luxury sheet face mask for £6.

    A course of treatments is advised. Course of 5 treatments is £175, single treatment £38. Treatments last between 1 hour and 75 mins, depending upon face mask option.