Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a gentle treatment, comprising of a range of different light to medium massage strokes and techniques. It is very relaxing and you may even find yourself dozing off during a treatment. The massage is performed with a blended base oil and essential oil so you benefit not only from the massage itself but also the aromatherapy from the oils.

Amongst its many health and wellbeing benefits, Indian head massage can:

promote circulation

improve sleep quality

help with insomnia

relieve stress

aid mental clarity

boost energy levels

detoxify the body

help prevent headaches and migraines

improve the quality and health of the hair

relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety

Prices: Indian head massage treatments last 30 minutes and cost £28.  If you would like to add a more extensive back and arm massage to this, treatments can be extended to an hour and cost £48.