Tennis Elbow – what causes it, symptoms and treatment

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Have you been enjoying watching Wimbledon?

Has it encouraged you to go out and start playing tennis?

Has it resulted in a painful elbow?

It could be tennis elbow…

What is it?

  • Tennis elbow is an overuse injury and is also known as lateral epicondylitis.
  • It can occur in 40% or tennis players although it is more common in players aged between 35 and 50.
  • The injury itself affects the muscles and tendons that straighten the wrist and fingers.
  • Pain is usually felt on the lateral epicondyle, which is the bony bump located on the outside edge of the elbow.


If you’re suffering from tennis elbow, you may:

  • Experience pain when trying to grip something or when your wrist or fingers are paced in a resisted extension
  • Feel pain over the lateral epicondyle
  • Have some pain or stiffness in the neck area


  • Sports massage can help relieve the pain associated with tennis elbow.  This is achieved by helping to stretch and lengthen the muscles and structures around the elbow and to mobilise the elbow joint itself.
  • Using ice may help reduce any inflammation.
  • Ultrasound therapy can also be beneficial in reducing inflammation.
  • K tape or rigid sports taping may help support the elbow muscles and structures.
  • Dry needling may also help with pain relief.

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