Aching shoulders? This is what you need to do…

If you’re suffering with aches and pains around your shoulders and upper back, you’re not alone…

It’s a very common condition, with a lot of my clients reporting pain and restricted movement in this area. ┬áThere are a number of muscles located in the shoulder and they can be affected by the following issues:

  • postural imbalances
  • overuse from training and everyday lifting
  • slumped seated position at a desk or when driving
  • injuries from sporting impacts
  • strains to surrounding muscles
  • inflammation or swelling to structures in the shoulder

If you feel tightness in the shoulder or areas that are ‘knotty’, you would benefit greatly from sports massage. ┬áBy breaking down the knots and tightness in this area, I can help you regain a wider range of motion and flexibility and help alleviate those niggling aches and pains.

So don’t sit there in pain any longer; invest in yourself and your overall wellbeing by booking a sports massage today.


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